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Incredibly helpful

This definitely helped take the edge off. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s a solid investment if you’re truly struggling. It helped me stop using a daily kratom habit.

Great product

Fast shipping! I was a little skeptical at first but it worked great. I hope this product can help more people like it helped me. Thank you !!!

Never received it!!!

Hey Ashley, your tracking indicates that it was delivered months ago. We don't see any emails from you, please let us know.

January 11, 2021, 6:28 pm
Delivered, Left with Individual
Your item was delivered to an individual at the address at 6:28 pm on January 11, 2021 in PINE MOUNTAIN, GA 31822.

It’s awesome! I really like it.

Opi-C | Opioid Detox Support Supplement | 65 Capsules

Fast shipping

I have not tried the product yet but am waiting till the day I need to use it but the shipping was very quick and product looks as described

Opi-C | Opioid Detox Support Supplement | 65 Capsules

Recommend for others

This really helped me. Definitely glad that I tried it.


The big factor is you wanting to stop taking opium with the help of OPI-C you can do it ! I ordered 2 bottles the shipping was so fast I got it in 4 days ! I take oxy 30 mg I used to take 1 every 3-4 hours and with the help of OPI-C I take 1oxy30 mg every 12 hours ! I am in the path to quit ! I would recommend OPI-C to all the people that want to quit taking opium !

Great stuff!

I wanted to try this stuff out and so glad I did! Completely leveled me out coming down off the kratom! I would always get jittery with kratom too, but not when I was taking this stuff!

love this product

works well once you determine your dose

Impressive tool for the “helper supplements”

I’m in the process of tapering off kratom and Opi-c has been a great tool in helping me. I only used for a couple days in a row. It helped me lower my dose of kratom. I took a break from opi-c but plan on ordering more to use for the final push to get off this evil green sludge. Opi-C definitely works very well. I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering more. Thanks so much for your wonderful product!


Didn’t receive product for over a month.

Hey Gavin - Thanks for letting us know. Your tracking # 420802239300120207600049433690 indicates it was delivered on January 19 and on time. Please email us if you think the postman is wrong here and we'll investigate it with your local post office and make sure product is receieved.

Worked great for me!

Cut my withdrawals down by 90%. Awesome product. I was taking 6gpd of kratom for about a year. Only had minor sleep issues.

My opi-c rieview

It's been 24 hours sense I've taken any opioids Wich I have been taken every single day for well over a year now also spending a tremendous amount of money in the process and I took 5 of the opi-c pills when I got them around noon today and surprisingly I'm not feeling any withdraw symptoms what so ever but the real test is if I'll be able to sleep tonight but i am giving it 5 stars so far but we will see how the next few days go but I will be highly recommending this product to all my friends that are battling opiate dependence to give this product a try. It was a little pricey and the overnight shipping was 40 dollars alone but it was something I need this product desperately nothing else I've ever used had worked on the past but this product. I THINK I HAVE FOUND A WAY OUT OF THIS VICIOUSES EXSPENSIVE DEAD END CYCLE !!GIVE IT A SHOT ITS WORTH IT NOTHING YO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN!!!

It helps

I used this to taper/wean off kratom and it helped with the acutes.
Allowed me to reduce the quatity and frequency of doses.


I in the last 6 years have gone through 5 major surgeries.
Back microdisectomy ,wrist surgery with plates and screws.
Hand surgery,Hip replacement surgery,and the latest ankle replacement.
Needless to say I have been on dil****d,ox******n,orienting, recently 80 mgs.of oxymoron.
With the help of Oxi-C I have reduced my dose to 20 mgs. Per day and feel great !
This product works !
I would love to take this on Shark Tank and try to help the people suffering like myself.
Next week 10mgs. I warn you do not immediately stop your opiates.You need to taper off.THIS PRODUCT IS THE REAL DEAL,QUIT SUFFERING AND COUNTING YOUR PILLS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET DOPE SICK.THIS WORKS. !!!!

Not sure what review title means

Was pretty good & il be ordering more .

A gift from above

I was in a bad spot. Couldn’t control the obsession and cravings and despite my best efforts I couldn’t stay stopped. After a few days of only using Opi C my issues dissolved (physical and mental). This truly helped me, combined with meditation and breathing and support group I have found a way out with minimal discomfort. Y’all are doing the Lords work. The cherry on top was the over the top exceptional customer service I received from Vince and team. Thank you!!

Nothing to review

Its been more than 35 days and I am still waiting on my order. I hope this is worth the wait.

Hey Ryan - Thanks for letting us know. We've reshipped your another one late last week and it was delivered yesterday. Your first one is also going to finally arrive soon. USPS has been having issues with first class packages, thank you for your patience.


Exactly what I needed, worked perfect. This takes the physical element out of it and makes it purely mental.

The mental part can be overcome with proper focus on positive things like how much extra money you will have.

Excellent Product!

Product that works as advertised. You just have to be ready to quit.

Life saver

I got these for my boyfriend and these are exactly what he needed to help him stay in track and ease the issues he just couldn't shake.